Coperion to display new extruders, valves, and pelletizers at K

At K 2022 Coperion and Coperion K-Tron will be presenting a variety of new and ongoing developments that will increase the efficiency of plastics compounding processes, help boost conscientious resource handling, and achieve high product quality.

Coperion will be exhibiting an entire production line for recycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) at their booth within the VDMA's Circular Economy Forum. Exhibits will encompass bulk solids handling, feeding, extrusion, and pelletizing, all representing Coperion's advanced expertise in numerous plastics recycling processes such as chemical recycling, multilayer film recycling, and upcycling. Trailblazing new developments from Coperion, such as the ZS-B MEGAfeed side feeder that enables plastic film and flake recycling in very high throughput dimensions, will be shown. Graphite Granules Making Machine

Coperion to display new extruders, valves, and pelletizers at K

At the Coperion Booth will be the ZSK Mc18 extruder with a 70 mm screw diameter. With its specific torque of 18 Nm/cm3, it is suited for compounding plastics at high throughput rates and with low energy consumption. The ZSK extruder is equipped with a ZS-B easy side feeder as well as a ZS-EG side devolatilization unit. Both the ZS-B as well as the ZS-EG reduce the time needed for recipe changes or maintenance tasks since they can easily be removed from the process section. A K3-ML-D5-V200 vibratory feeder from Coperion K-Tron will be on display at the main intake of the ZSK 70 Mc18. The ZS-B easy will be equipped with a K-ML-SFS-BSP-100 Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) feeder.

Another highlight at the Coperion booth will be the STS Mc11 series laboratory extruder with a 25 mm screw diameter. It has a simple design, is user-friendly, and can be easily cleaned. The STS 25 Mc11 will be exhibited with a Coperion K-Tron K-ML-SFS-KT20 twin screw feeder.

The new, preconfigured ProRate PLUS feeder line will be available to view in all three available sizes: small, medium, and large. This gravimetric feeder from Coperion K-Tron is an economical solution for reliable feeding of free-flowing bulk materials.

The SP series dual-bearing strand pelletizers have been given an update. Coperion's SP340 model will represent this development at the K booth. In comparison to the previous model, the new SP strand pelletizer allows for a faster recipe and colour changes. The cutting chamber works with no dead space. Due to its quick-release function, the cutting unit can be quickly swapped out. The pelletizer's interior has improved accessibility and is very easy to clean. 

One further highlight of Coperion's showing at K 2022 will be the ZXQ 800 rotary valve. This valve, which works with low gas leakage, was developed by Coperion for powder intake into pneumatic conveying lines at up to 3.5 bar. The valve is suited for systems planned for polyolefin manufacturing in the future.

As a raw material, plastic can make a valuable contribution to environmental protection and to the energy revolution. The key to both is the efficient recycling of plastics. For this reason, plastics recycling is the focus of comprehensive development projects at Coperion. The company will show the results of these projects at K 2022. There, Coperion will present its combined process solutions and technologies for the economical recycling of various plastics while achieving the highest levels of product quality. At the centre will be a system built around a ZSK 58 Mc18 twin screw extruder configured for manufacturing high-quality PET using recycled materials. 

For feeding flakes and fibres (PET and other plastics) \into the ZSK twin screw extruder, Coperion will show the SWB-300 Smart Weigh belt feeder with a S100 single screw pre-feeder, as well as the new ZS-B 70 MEGAfeed side feeder. The SWB is a reliable gravimetric feeder from Coperion K-Tron that can process large volumes of bulk materials with a wide variety of flow properties at high accuracy. Using the Coperion ZS-B MEGAfeed, plastic recyclate with a bulk density under 200 kg/m³, long considered intake-limited and thus not worth recycling, can be fed in large quantities into smaller sizes of Coperion's ZSK twin screw extruders and be recycled and compounded.

Melting, intensive devolatilization, and complete homogenization take place in the process section of the ZSK 58 Mc18 before the material stream is transferred via a gear pump and filter with an automatic screen pack changer to an underwater pelletizer for pellet production. Finally, the pellets are condensed in the SSP (solid state polycondensation) reactor and can then be processed again into bottles, fibres, or films. The quality of recycled PET manufactured using Coperion's process was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for direct contact with food.

Conventional technologies for recycling PET require pre-drying and crystallization of flakes and fibres before they can be re-processed. Using Coperion's technological process solution, PET recyclate can be introduced directly into the ZSK extruder. Recyclers profit particularly from the product quality. Thanks to the ZSK's devolatilization properties, volatile components such as monomers, oligomers, and water are reliably removed. Savings in operating and logistics costs, as well as reduced energy consumption, are further advantages Coperion's systems for recycling PET.

If the plastic pellets produced create undesirable odours, these can be reliably removed using Coperion's deodorization equipment. In order to optimize deodorizing equipment specifications and to individually determine its operational parameters, Coperion now provides onsite tests using a mobile unit for reducing plastic pellet and recyclate odour at customers' production facilities. Using this solution with newly produced products and under actual production conditions, the possibilities for reducing recyclate odour can be investigated and system parameters to achieve desired product quality can be defined on location. Coperion will exhibit this mobile deodorization unit at K 2022.

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Coperion to display new extruders, valves, and pelletizers at K

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