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Caterpillar's diesel particulate filter group is designed to filter particulates from diesel exhaust. Cat filters reduce the diesel exhaust emissions and keep Cat off-highway trucks performing at optimal levels. Designed and manufactured by the same company that makes Cat’s iron, this DPF ensures long-term integrity of a fleet’s equipment, according to the company. It fits the current filter housing on Cat equipment without modification and is Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS)-complaint.

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Trucking product spotlight: DPF products and services | FleetOwner

Clean Diesel Specialists (CDS) carries a full line of DPF filters, gaskets, clamps, bungs, service kits, accessories such as DPF cleanser, exhaust gas recirculation coolers, and DPF retrofits and offers fleet DPF cleaning and maintenance solutions across the U.S. These solutions are said to feature 96% filter recovery, enhanced filter longevity, 24-hour turnaround on filter restoration, and reduction or elimination of particulate matter obstruction, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing unplanned downtown related to DPF maintenance. Clean Diesel Specialists is a member of the Cummins-approved Nationwide DPF Cleaning Program.

Cummins, the engine OEM, also produces diesel particulate filters. The company recently studied its Genuine Cummins DPF against generic “will-fit” DPFs in year 2007 ISX15 engines under real-world operating conditions, and “the difference in performance was staggering,” according to its website. In these tests, the generic DPFs demonstrated higher back-pressure and reduced exhaust flow when compared to the Cummins DPF, causing premature turbocharger wear and failure, reduced fuel economy, and increased operating costs, according to the website.

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Amid tightening environmental standards and rising fuel prices, Detroit engineers are focused on developing technologies that increase efficiency—at the pump and at the tailpipe. With Detroit parts and more than 800 authorized service outlets across North America, the company is trying to keep diesel emissions filtration systems up and running, according to its website. With that operating principle, Detroit said its remanufactured DPF is the only OEM- and warranty-approved replacement DPF for Detroit engines and has established recommended maintenance intervals for each of its engines, ones that follow 2007, 2010, and 2017 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

The Donaldson Filtration Solutions website says the company has extensive experience in developing DPFs for either passive or active regeneration systems that remove particulate matter from the exhaust stream. Most DPFs need to be serviced occasionally to remove ash, so systems need to be designed to be serviceable, and Donaldson touts its DPFs and other systems as such. Donaldson also offers several component options for emission control systems, in multiple combinations, according to its website, including DPFs, diesel oxidation catalyst systems, diesel exhaust fluid mixers, downstream mixers, and porting options for sensors to monitor temperature, pressure, nitrogen oxides, and ammonia.

Dorman offers a full line of products, including diesel particulate filters and direct-fit DPFs themselves (both California Air Resources Board-compliant and ones that aren’t CARB-compliant) and many different DPF gaskets, gasket kits, atomization modules, filter clamps, differential pressure sensors, temperature sensors, nitrogen oxide sensor inlets, heavy-duty ignitor plugs, heavy-duty ignition cables, fuel doser injectors, and turbocharger clamps. Dorman heavy-duty DPF solutions are available at multiple locations throughout North America.

Fullbay, a leading fleet repair platform in North America, offers a full range of services related to DPF regen and repair. According to an article by Fullbay’s co-founder and executive chairman, Jacob Findlay, DPF regen happens when trapped particulates heat up enough to combust and turn to ash. Fullbay regen occurs through passive, active, and forced methods, according to the article, and occasionally the DPF must be replaced. Fullbay recommends DPFs be cleaned every 150,000 to 300,000 miles, and the company offers a full range of preventive maintenance to accomplish this and other tasks. 

Roadwarrior manufactures a broad range of DPFs, diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs), and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for post-2007 medium- to heavy-duty trucks and buses. Roadwarrior aftermarket DPFs and catalysts are available for all major truck manufacturers, and the company says its DPFs and catalysts provide equal or greater performance compared to OEM parts, without added cost of core charges. Roadwarror carries more than 150 designs, and it touts the largest selection of aftermarket DPFs, DOCs, and related components on the market.

Trucking product spotlight: DPF products and services | FleetOwner

Custom Exhaust Pipe Clamps The Webasto Thermo Top Evo engine-off coolant heater aims to improve DPF performance. Featuring advancements in the fuel-delivery system, controls, diagnostics, and flexible installation, the company said the Thermo Top Evo improves the user experience and continues Webasto’s heritage in idle-reduction, fuel efficiency, and emission control. The Tandem 717 heating system combines the benefits of the Air Top 2000 STC and new Thermo Top Evo for a total vehicle heating solution. Utilizing proven technology, the company said it also saves fuel, reduces idling, improves driver comfort, and improves equipment longevity. According to Webasto, the heater has been proven to reduce cold dense soot by up to 66% during engine startups while reducing NOx emissions by up to 40%.